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ty-tROM Digital Dual Inclinometer / Digital Goniometer

ty-tROM Dual Inclinometer
Digital Goniometer

  • BlueTooth Connected
  • Battery Powered
  • 3-year warranty
  • Precision Engineering for Precision Assessments
  • Built-in Triple Testing for compliance
  • VA approved ROM tables included in software as standards

MSRP:  $3495

$1000 discount on order
when purchased with any scanner

This will include v2.2 Software.

You will have the option to upgrade to our cloud-based software when it becomes available.


The handheld inclinometers are the classical way of taking range-of-motion measurements, but ours has a more ergonomic design. You can slide your fingers between the foot and the sensor on the reference unit allowing for a better grip on your patient. The result is an extremely accurate test and greater objectivity.

The glasses are designed for cervical ROM tests. Instead of using the handheld inclinometer on top of the head where it can slip and cause errors, Titronics has developed glasses to hold the sensor. The glasses are worn like any other glasses and they stay snug on the patient’s face. When a test is administered this new method will garner the most objective and accurate data possible.

Triple testing is built into the software.

The system was the first Range of Motion system that wirelessly connects to your computer, allowing for greater freedom throughout your office. This also keeps the cords away from your patient where they could become tangled and disrupt a test, or worse, cause a trip and fall.


The system is extremely easy to use. The test button is positioned where your index finger rests, plus one button press per test makes it even easier. Every time you administer a test it is automatically saved in the database. This ensures you will not lose any of your tests due to forgetting to save. If you take a test that you don’t want, just go to the view tests screen, find the test, and press delete. You can also insert comments at the end of a test. This is especially useful when working as an insurance-based practice to get reimbursement. Documenting a patient’s progress after adjustments and care is a great way to boost referrals and show the patient they are getting better.

Patient education is another great aspect of documentation. The patient becomes engaged and interested in the actual clinical information. They can follow their progress through care and justify the care you are giving them as they get better. They will become your greatest advocates, marketing your practice in the most efficient way, word of mouth.

In addition to all of that, the ty-tROM uses the same database as the Tytron 2.0 software. This means you don’t have to re-enter information for patients you already have. For example, you have thermographic scans of John Smith and just received the range of motion device and are ready to start taking tests. Instead of re-entering his information, the range of motion installer integrates all of the patient information you already have in the Tytron 2.0 software. Just load John Smith and start taking tests.

The reports are extremely simple to read, yet all pertinent data is intact. You, as well as the patient, can quickly see impairment percentages, exam data, and AMA/VA normal range of motion data. The easy-to-read dials are a great tool for patient understanding. They see the blue relates to their test and the green relates to the AMA/VA normal range of motion. Your patients can quickly identify if they are impaired.

[Calculations are given in the report compared to the standards, but Impairment Rating can ONLY be determined by a license and trained professional in that state according to their scope of practice].

This information isn’t just for your patient to understand. You can use the same information the patient sees to identify impairment to use in your diagnosis. 1-page printouts also make it easy for you if you like to keep hardcopy records.

“So easy to read even an attorney can understand it.”

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Financing Options

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The institutions below have a track record with Titronics of being easy to work with, fair in terms and rates, and supportive of what we are trying to accomplish - reliable subluxation assessment tools for the practicing Chiropractor and research into the Chiropractic vertebral subluxation.

NCMIC Financing

JENNIFER FINKEN, CLFP | Account Manager – Equipment Finance
Professional Solutions, a division of NCMIC
14001 University Ave. Clive, Iowa 50325
Direct phone (515) 313-4509 or (877) 770-7244, Ext. 4509
Toll Free Fax (877) 776-7244
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Banker's Leasing
11017 Aurora Ave.
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