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Digital Adjustment Simulator® 

Adjustment Simulator®

  • USB Connected
  • USB Powered
  • 3-year warranty
  • Precision Engineering for Precision Assessments
  • Records multiple thrusts' time and force
  • Several Advanced and Combination Settings for Advanced Use

MSRP:  $2495 USD

This will include the Adjustment Simulation® Software.

The Lloyd Tables drop piece holder is included. The adjusting platform/table is not included.


The Adjustment Simulator® uses high-tech equipment to measure force over time for your adjustic thrust.

  1. You will be able to train yourself to what 5lbs of pre-stress feels like, or 10, or whatever your technique prescribes.
  2. You will be able to see immediate data on any practice thrust to analyze speed and force.
  3. You will be able to analyze data immediately over the span of your warm-up or use the “auto re-arm” feature to get feedback on the consistency of your thrusts.
  4. You can use the Adjustment Simulator® to measure other metrics of client care:
    1. grip strength
    2. eye-hand response
    3. pressure sensitivity for plantar issues
  5. You can use the Adjustment Simulator® as a training and education tool for your clients in the office or at screenings.
  6. You can use it to practice your adjustments without a patient present or evaluate the adjustment you just made by duplicating the adjustic thrust on the simulator
  7. The variable force level inputs allow you to “see” the pre-stress on the patient during your set-up, either in warm-up or post adjustment
  8. The variable force level inputs allow you to feel what 20,, 30 or even up to 350 lbs of force “feels like” – but who can/would even do that?
  9. The variable time inputs allow you to see how fast your adjustic thrust actually is, and if it’s consistent with all your other thrusts.
  10. There is even an “auto rearm” mode that stores many thrusts to show immediately how consistent you are.

The Adjustment Simulator®, when paired with its software package, can record thrusts or pressure from 1 lb to 350 lbs in time increments of 0.1 sec to 10 seconds.

This allows the user to set the analysis where they need it most.

For the Chiropractor, a threshold of 2.5 or 70 lbs may be set for the ‘trigger’, and the thrust is delivered in either the knee-chest technique (similar to the Gonstead prone technique) or the toggle technique.

For a child, current research is showing a thrust between 10 and 20 lbs max, and for adult is shown to be between 30 and 40 lbs peak. [It is incumbent upon the practitioner to keep current on adjusting technique standards, and research involved]. All research shows that thrusts need to be less than 0.5 seconds in duration. (The software allows up to 10 seconds of recording from the time the trigger threshold is passed to see if any lingering forces are entering into the system, or if your technique delivers a thrust that is longer than the HVLA category of techniques.)

The immediate feedback and “auto re-arm” mode allow the user to perform a repeatable practice and record many thrusts to see – without bias – repeatability and consistency.

In the history of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer is known to have an adjustment practice device in each of his active adjusting rooms. He would analyze the data given (thermography, electroencephaloneuromentimpograph, radiographs, motion and static palpation, and so forth), and set up on the practice device. He would give the thrust (with vector and rotation) he intends to replicate on the client. He would not move to the client until he was satisfied with his muscle training for that specific client on that specific visit for their specific listing.

The Adjustment Simulator® allows the modern Chiropractor to use high-tech devices to do the same thing BJ Palmer did. To accurately and immediately be able to analyze practice thrusts until the Chiropractor is satisfied their thrust was precisely tuned to the client on the table for that visit.

For other practitioners, the Adjustment Simulator® has other uses:

  • Clients with pain from edema or neuropathy can benefit from your use of the Adjustment Simulator®. They can step on the simulator (set to ‘continuous peak hold’ mode) to give an objective force measurement that will tell when the pain starts. Over time this will give realistic objective data to progression with whatever you might be tracking.
  • In Post Stroke clients, the Adjustment Simulator® can be used as you re-train muscles and reception by giving repeatable and immediately readable data when set to “Continuous/Peak Hold” mode.

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