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Dropped Scanner Repair

Creation Date:02/17/2012

1:30 - What to do if you break the scanner's head and handle apart.

3:00 - How to remove the broken screws

6:00 - How to repair the wheels of your scanner (C-3000 and C-4000)

Explain Thermo Test

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:20 - What is the goal of running a scan?

2:00 - How many graphs should you do?

4:00 - Handouts

Graph Cervical Spine

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:15 - What to tell the patient

2:20 - The popcorn analogy

4:10 - Roger demonstrates a cervical scan

Graph Full Spine

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:01 - Roger Titone demonstrates a full spine scan

3:37 - Overlaying full spine scans - What to look for


Intro to the Temperature Graph

Creation Date:02/17/2012

Perform ROM Test

Creation Date:02/17/2012

Repeatability Examples

Creation Date:02/17/2012

Tk Fossa Reading

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:04 - How to take the Fossa

1:29 - Toggling Pre/Post and marking 'Pattern' in the software.

5:20 - Preventive work

Tytron Cleaning and Maintenance

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:30 - How to clean out the grooves of the lenses

1:40 - How to clean the barrels out effectively

3:45 - How much time should I let the scanner acclimate after cleaning it?

What Makes World Class Instrumentation

Creation Date:02/17/2012

0:24 - The key to measuring with InfraRed

2:45 - Why having barrels is vitally important

4:00 - How the scanner actually determines the temperature

6:50 - Roger explains why you want to keep the scanner away from heat sources like your computer

8:20 - The ability to measure distance

Titronics Presents - Office History

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Titronics Presents - Our History

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Titronics Presents - Office Flow

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Titronics Presents - Evaluating Patient Scans

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Titronics Presents - Office Visit

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Titronics Presents - Pattern Video

Creation Date:04/30/2012

Packaging Your Scanner

Creation Date:10/17/2013

Power Supply Issues?

Creation Date:05/14/2015