Will the Tytron software work on my computer?

The Tytron software is written for a Windows operating system. It will run on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and as of April 2017 they will not support Windows Vista. Thus Titronics will not support the software on those operating systems.

 I have installed the software, but I can't scan.

The registration number needs to be placed in the software in Setup on the Main Tab. The scanner needs to be detected in both the computer and the software. Scanner Detection directions can be found in the manual.

 My lines graphs are fine, but the bar graphs are all to one side and green.

In the Setup on the Scans Tab, there is an option of Center Bar graph. That should be checked YES. This is also an indication that your scanners calibration might need to be checked.

 Is there any maintenance I should do to the software?

Every once and awhile, you might need to do a Database Maintenance. The directions on how to do this is found in the manual. You also want to back up your database in case of a problem with the computer. The directions on how to do this is found in the manual. It is recommended that you do this as often as you can.  

Software question-
"I am getting an 'index out of date' error when I pull up my software. What do I do?" 
ANSWER - Close the software and do Database Maintenance. Remember, if your software is networked you will have to close the software on all the computers and perform the maintenance on the server.
Instructions are in the manual that can be downloaded off the Titronics website. www.titronics.com

 Is there any maintenance I should do on the Tytron Scanner?

On Titronics website (www.titronics.com) in the Video section, there is a video titled “Tytron Cleaning and Maintenance” that shows you how to do a in-house maintenance. Titronics recommends that every 5-10 years your scanner should come in for a “clean and calibration”. For wireless scanners, Titronics recommends sending the scanner in to have the battery replaced every 2-4 years.

 Does the Tytron Scanner work with MyoVision/Platinum/Coface/Atlas?  

Yes, the scanner can work with a select few other software systems. Titronics does not support those systems. For any support on those programs, you will have to contact that company's technical services.

 Can I use the software on multiple computer in the office?

Yes. Networking the software can be accomplished if all the computers are networked in the office first. The directions on how to do this is found in the manual.

 What are the scanning modes for the Tytron softwware?

If a scan is 25cm or less, the software recognizes it as a Cervical Scan. Anything longer is a Full Spine. There are unique modes of Segment Scans and Infant Scans, directions on how to accomplish all of this can found in the manual.

 I just bought a scanner from another doctor, do I need to contact Titronics?

Titronics is under FDA guild lines. This means that Titronics is responsible for keeping a record of where the devices are. A transfer of a scanner from Doctor to Doctor can be done over the phone. There is a transfer fee involved. Call into the office for more information. 800-705-2307


 How do you install the Tytron on your computer?

Make sure the scanner is charged and NOT plugged in.  Go to Device Manager to see if your computer has Bluetooth built in.  If Bluetooth is built in, Go to Devices and Printers, Select Add device, select C7000-7XXXX, Use pairing code 2728, Wait for drivers to finish installing, Right click on C7000 and select Properties, Go to Services tab to see which port it is on, Go into the Tytron Software and select Setup, Go to Scanner tab and enable Serial Scanner 1 and enter the port number, Then plug in the scanner and use the Copy Calibration button to set the calibrations

 If Bluetooth is not built in to computer,

Connect Bluetooth dongle, wait for drivers to load, Follow instructions as if Bluetooth is built in.

 How do I charge the Tytron?

To charge the Blue Tooth scanner, you will use the provided usb cord to the wall outlet. The scanner uses a cell phone battery, so you will want to charge it every night.

 What do the lights on the scanner mean?

If the light on top is blinking it is ready to connect, a solid means it is connected, off means the battery is dead or its plugged in.

 Can I use the scanner on networked computers in the office?

It can connect to multiple computers. Once the patient is unloaded the light should start flashing meaning it's ready to connect to a different computer. When you load a patient the light should go solid showing the connection. Once it is connected it can't connect to another until you disconnect by unloading the patient.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS AND YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE:  (there will be a charge - please have scanner S/N and C/C

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