About Us


     Titronics Research & Development Co. is a world leading supplier to healthcare professionals of precision instrumentation and superior support.  All products and services offered by Titronics Research & Development are meant to deliver value to both healthcare professionals as well as the patient.

     Titronics Research & Development employees are committed to ensuring that our products and services meet or exceed customer expectations.  There are no exceptions to this commitment.  Each and every employee, including management, is expected to understand and work towards our quality commitment.  To this end we maintain our quality system in compliance with all applicable product standards.

     It is our desire to research and develop innovative solutions to current and future medical needs in the area of monitoring instrumentation.

 Here's what successful Chiropractors from around the country have to say about our products:



"I have always used analytical instrumentation.  When first in practice I used a Nervo-O-Scope then NCM followed by Thermascribe.  I also used DTG 500, DTG Mark V, DTG Decade III R and most recently DTG DT25. 

I recently purchased the Titron 7000 and can not state enthusiastically enough how much I like this instrument.  This is the finest clinical instrument I have ever used.  Not only is it a great tool for the doctor to be able to deliver higher quality care but it is also a wonderful patient education tool.

I am of the generation that is severely technology challenged and the support I received from Titronics was a Godsend and they made everything easy with the setup ... can't thank them enough."

Herbert B. Schraw BS,DC



Patients in today’s “visual” world really connect with the Tytron’s digital display of chiropractic in action. We have seen a significant increase in referrals just from having patients take their scans home to show others. I have to say that incorporating the Tytron C-6000 into my practice was definitely the single most important decision I have ever made.

William C. Amalu, DC, DABCT, FIACT

Board Certified Clinical Thermographer


"I use a TyTron instrument in my practice every day. It objectively gets me closer to the neural component of the subluxation and enables me to make better clinical decisions. Utilizing thermography will make you a better chiropractor and the TyTron is the best instrument for the job, period."

Dr. Carl Gillman



"I've used the Tytron for some time now and it is a wonderful tool for determining what is going on with the patient neurologically.  I would recommend it to anyone that wished to do pattern work or to have a visual tool to check the neurological response to an adjustment.  It is extrememly accurate and reproducible.  It is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased!"

-Dr. Rob Ohlsen, D.C.