Memorial Weekend

C-5000 Special $$$

Discount Call Roger

800 705 2307 !!!


Memorial Weekend Opportunity to Upgrade 

Please let us take you from this:


To a  USB Connected / Powered C-5000:


 Your Upgraded scanner will include:

  A new software, manual, USB cables, and scanner base in a foam lined metal instrument case. 

  A full one year warranty and 60 days technical support.

  A new resting base, two USB cords, New barrels with polycarbonate tips (tougher and easier to   clean then the original barrel tips), new computer board, all new components using only the  "head" from your older scanner.

  Superior machined aircraft aluminum wheel struts and a newly designed measuring wheel with   an integrated distance measuring encoder, making this the most rugged instrument we have  ever manufactured.

Take advantage of the $250.00 discount and free shipping, call in before September 1st to schedule your upgrade: 800 705 2307!

 e-mail a request for more information to:
  Facebook page : Titronics Research and Development*