Digital Xray Upgrade!

I had  the opportunity to see some Xray images taken on a newly introduced 17x17 Cassette- sized detector that will fit a standard 17x17 buckey.  The 16 Bit Gray-scale and the 3072x3072 HD (9.4 M pixels) resolution was very impressive.  The cassette remains in the buckey, images are sent by a wired or wireless interface to the computer acquisition software in one to three seconds.

I invite you to contact a very good friend of mine,  Frank Ju ( or call 858-509 7787) to get more information.

I understand that newer EPA regulations have placed additional requirements on maintaining the film developing chemistry that can get very expensive.  Your time is also under more pressure these days as well.  Going digital will eliminate these expenses as well as benifit your patients with better images in less time.

The newer technology has allowed the price of this system to drop WELL under previous digital Xray solutions by over $10,000.00.


Roger Titone


You can send in your C3000 or C4000 in and we can do a conversion to a C5000 USB plug and play scanner.

No more port settings, converters, AC adapters or heavy coil cords!

Call Titronics today to see what special price we can do for you! 





*REMINDER* The Tytron needs to be sent into Titronics every 5-10 years for routine maintenance (clean and calibration) to ensure that the device is operating properly



A new update has been released. If your software didn't automatically update, click on the Check for Updates button in setup. If you don't have a Check  for Updates button, call into the office and ask about upgrading.

One of the new features in this version is the Notes button. Write as many notes as you want and have them stored in the patient file. Access the notes from most screens with the Z key(because N, O, T, E and S are used for other things).

Also in this update is the ability to change the Pattern, Pre and Post colors for printing, a right click menu in history, an alternate recoup sound and show COM ports and device manage buttons on the scanner tab.

A list of all the changes can be found in the change log located at C:\C3000\Release Notes.txt   


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Ease of use!

Software with a true low learning curve that lets you dive in and get started right away.

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