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Dr. Cheung brings first Tytron into Hong Kong!


We have been using the tytron quite a lot, I would like to tell you it is an excellent scanner, very accurate, and repeated scans shows the same readings, I am glad to have bought the tytron scanner. 

Sunny Cheung, BSc(Chiro)
Registered Chiropractor New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong
Phone: +(852) 2721 3999  

A new software update has been released.  Check it out! If your software doesn't prompt you to update, go into Setup and click the Check for Updates button.  

Be sure to upgrade all the computers networked in your office!

 The new manual will be on your computer in the Start Menu under Tytron 2.2. ( Registration #  134251378 )


DSCF0969-1ts2zp-6qsqbc.JPG  DSCF0964-prznxd-swrfnr.JPG

 Infant Scanners now available!

If you already own a Tytron - you may add an infant scanner for 1/2 price

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