Winter is Coming!



  Molly's thick coat is the warning that snow is on the  way.  It is also a reminder that your office environment  will more than likely have DRYER AIR. Couple that with  carpets on the floor and you can generate THOUSANDS  of volts of static electricity as you walk about.

   This can be "shocking" to your patients and may not  bode well to computers and other instruments in your  office.  

   SOLUTION: Make sure all your computers are well grounded (three prong power plugs) and your wall outlets are wired correctly.

   When you approach the patient to check them, first  discharge any static you may have picked up walking  across the floor by placing your hand on the patient. Then touch the computer chassis (or other ground). This  will discharge both you and your patient.  They will not  perceive any shock - you may - but that's why you get  the big bucks.


          Roger  Titone


   Let Us Upgrade Your Older Scanner!

Send in your C3000, we can do a conversion to a C5000 USB scanner in 24 hours!

No more port settings, converters, AC adapters or heavy coil cords!

Call Roger - 800 705 2307 ext 102 today for details and pricing. 


A new update has been released. If your software didn't automatically update, click on the Check for Updates button in setup. If you don't have a Check  for Updates button, call into the office and ask about upgrading.

One of the new features in this version is the Notes button. Write as many notes as you want and have them stored in the patient file. Access the notes from most screens with the Z key(because N, O, T, E and S are used for other things).

Also in this update is the ability to change the Pattern, Pre and Post colors for printing, a right click menu in history, an alternate recoup sound and show COM ports and device manage buttons on the scanner tab.

A list of all the changes can be found in the change log located at C:\C3000\Release Notes.txt   


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Ease of use!

Software with a true low learning curve that lets you dive in and get started right away.

Superior patient education!

Choose from many different graphical displays to discover what presentation works best for an individual patient to grasp chiropractic.

Personalized graphical displays!

For the first time your patients will be able to see their progress and walk away with a hard copy of their graphs.

Wellness care!

A historical look at the patients graphs allows the patients to see the positive effect chiropractic has on their health and well being.